Alex Fox

Alex Fox

Hydrologic Science PhD Student

University of Wyoming


I am a PhD student at the University of Wyoming working in Professor Brent Ewers’ Ecophysiology Lab. I’m particularly interested in using first principles of biophysics to study sustainability and make land management decisions. Currently, my projects are:

  • Applying a first principles biophysical model to elucidate how intermediate wheatgrass bread for grain production ( Kernza) will fair as a perennial replacement for annual wheat in eastern Wyoming
  • Studying how functional differences between ecosystems along a climatic gradient in the Wyoming Snowy Range affect forest carbon, water, and nutrient response to disturbances such as fire and beetle outbreaks.


  • Ecohydrology
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • First-Principles Biophysics
  • Climbing


  • PhD student in Hydrology (current)

    University of Wyoming

  • BA in Physics and Mathematics, 2018

    Oberlin College

Recent Posts

Kicking off Kernza

Back in October, my partner Hannah Rodgers and I applied for a Western SARE Professional+Producer grant under P.I. Professor Jay Norton, one of Hannah’s PhD Advisors, along with several farmers across eastern Wyoming, with the goal of evaluating the potential benefits for perennial grains in Wyoming, and hopefully adopting them as a commercial crop in the future.


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