Eddy Covariance

Linking Plant-Scale Processes to Ecosystem Function: PhD Proposal Defense Seminar

I gave my PhD proposal defense seminar today! I presented on my research for the weekly University of Wyoming Botany Department seminar series. Here you’ll find a recording of my talk as well as a link to my slides.

Botany Seminar Slides

The Ewers lab group gave a seminar to the UW botany department. See the slides here

Eddy Covariance Preprocessing Pipeline

I’m building a high-throughput data pipeline to process data from the US-CPk Ameriflux site. This is part of my PhD research. This page is incomplete. More to come later.

Snowmelt Energy Budget Imbalances

I’m studying how snowmelt energy budgets can be used to constrain uncertainty in surface energy flux measurements at Rocky Mountain Ameriflux sites. This is part of my PhD research. This page is incomplete.

Understanding ecosystem processes in the subalpine forests of Wyoming and Colorado under synergistic disturbances from bark beetles, wildfire, and climate change

I presented a poster on recent developments and projects at Rocky Mountain Ameriflux sites at the 2022 Ameriflux Annual Meeting Download the poster